POLY PIPE CHAINSAW CUTTING – We offer complete training to enable the safe and effective cutting of poly pipe. Training and Assessment of participants is against Nationally Recognised Standards. The course covers Maintain Chainsaws FWPCOT2237 and Cut Materials With A Hand-Held Chainsaw FWPCOT2238.  The information we provide is ‘Not Theoretical’ but tried, tested and proven by us. Firstly chainsaws are predominantly designed for wood. For a chainsaw to be effective with other materials specific modifications are necessary. We have modified our saws to be effective with cutting high density poly pipe cleanly.


1. To use a Powerful Power Head – This is a means of providing power to push the cutters through the material, whether the power head is petrol, air and electric or hydraulic it will need specific alteration if it is to be applied to any materials other than wood.

2. To Use Full Engine Speed and Chainsaw Speed – The faster the chain speed the more friction. Increased friction = Increased HEAT. The increased heat is now transferred to the side walls (kerf) of the cut and causes the poly pipe to melt, the end result being even greater friction, therefore, effective cutting capacity being negated.

3. Engine Torque and Relevant Chain Speed – Using high engine/chain speed causes blunting of the cutters due to the high density of poly, causing extensive chain, guide bar, sprocket and clutch wear.

4. Guide Bar – Is it long enough to enable a clean effective cut or is it too long, reducing the lubrication capacity of the chain.

5. The Chain – The maximum top plate cutting angle (for wood) is 35 degrees for effective cutting of poly this angle needs to be reduced as the consistent density of poly has more resistance and in effect is harder material for the cutters to engage.


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